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need help w/ led lights on front

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sometimes the golden yellow one is on, what does it mean?
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That light comes on when your tivo is making it's daily phone call for guide data
Depends on what unit you are talking about, but most probally as mick has suggested it is making its Daily Call.
or you have a remote stuck on :cool:

The yellow will signify it's receiving an ir signal
(in addition to the reasons stated above)

i have a series 2, thanks guys
jeff26xx00 said:
i have a series 2, thanks guys
Thanks. That narrows it down from 54 to 39 possible models.
If its on the left, it is more of a yellow, and is the one that blinks when the TiVo receives an IR command. The one on the right lights to indicate a phone call for its service connection.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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