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What happened, TiVo?
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So a friend of mine sent me rewards, but sent it to the wrong e-mail address. Unfortunately, I have a separate rewards account with a different e-mail than my main account. (I started getting rewards long before I had a Tivo account - I was singing the praises of Tivo when I was with DirecTV, and got lots of people to join.)

So the e-mail he sent the rewards to is a valid Tivo account, but not my rewards Tivo account. Make sense?

Anyway, when I try to get credit on my rewards account, it keeps saying "oops! you entered incorrect information", but nothing is highlighted in red, and I think I entered all the information correctly.

Any ideas on how to get this credited properly? I'm one reward away from a free TivoHD, so I'd really like to get this working! (And his referral expires in about a week - it will be two months at that point.)

Please help!
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