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You want to go in and uncheck them from "Channels I receive", not parental controls

Step one: Press the LIVE TV/GUIDE button to bring up the TiVo Live Guide.

Note: The name of the active channel list will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the guide. Which channel list is listed?

# Channels You Receive or Favorites: Continue with the Step 2.

All: Press ENTER or DISPLAY to go to the Guide Options screen. Change the channel list to Channels You Receive or Favorites and press SELECT to accept the changes. The guide will now only show channels that you receive.

Step two: View the Channel List screen by going to TiVo Central; then Messages & Settings; then Settings, then Channels, then Channel List.

Step three: Remove the checkmark next to any channels that you do not receive. The channel will no longer show in the TiVo Live Guide. In addition, programs from that channel will not be recorded as TiVo Suggestions and will not be available in Find Programs. (For example, they will not be available in WishLists, or 'Search by Title.')​
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