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In the past I was able to program tivo to seamlessly skip over channels I didn't want to receive. In other words, when I would flick thru the channels, certain channels just wouldn't show up - but on purpose - like they weren't even there.

This changed somehow and now I can see all the junk channels I have no interest in. I looked around thru the settings and I thought I finally found the place to do this in, but even though the little check boxes were grayed out the channel still appears. Then I tried the parental controls thing, but 1.) it doesn't hop over the channels - it displays the "this channel is locked" message and 2.) for some reason, some of the channels I DIDN'T lock are were locked.

Can anyone please help me find where and how I change it back so that I seamlessly skip over unwanted channels without the time waster of the "this channel is locked" screen. The filters I tried under parental control were too vague. I want to be able to choose choose what I see and don't see.

Any help is much appreciated- Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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