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So I finally hooked up my Humax 800 DVDr unit. I don't have a land line in my house so I needed to first use a neighbors phone line (done this morning) and then (((hopefully))) hook up the unit via the USB port in the back to my home cable modem.

I DO NOT have a home network (yet).

What I do have is an unsecured wifi signal in my house (found out when friends visited and connected via their wifi enabled laptop).

SO: I bought a D-Link DWL-G122 wireless USB adapter. The idea is: that I can latch into this unsecured wifi and use that INSTEAD of a phone line.

Since I am not going over my home network (via my computer)- It's very up in the air as to if this is even possible. Upon initial try- I couldn't get the HUmax unit to recognize the USB adapter- but I didn't have much time... so I will try again this afternoon.

Anyone with any thoughts on this? How it can happen???

If it's not possible.... I want to go ahead and get my MAC hooked up with wifi. So... the next question is: THOSE WITH MACS.... how do you have your network set up?


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I'm on a Mac, along with a Humax 800 DTR, the one with the DVD burner.

We have an Airport Express set up... the little card pack size wireless router. OUr TiVos (we also have a Toshiba) "phone home" via the network. We also transfer shows between TiVos that way.

We did set this up with a WEP secured closed network with a password. There are some other threads on the help boards where the ins and outs of doing that are covered. I'm no tech person so it's one of those things that one stumbles around with, scratches their head several times, tries various configs, and eventually gets it right-- and promptly forgets what the solution was. But look at those old ones and you should find some steps.

One thing that's critical is that the wireless adapter be one of the TiVo approved, confirmed ones. Otherwise, it simply won't work right if at all.

Also have you looked at TiVo's own help section?

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