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Need help connecting to Dish VIP 222 receiver from Tivo Series 2 DVR

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We recently switched from cable to Dish and have a HDTV and a Dish VIP 222 satellite receiver. We are not able to get our Tivo Series 2 DVR to properly connect with our new Dish receiver. I have searched the forums but have not found much information on the VIP 222. Any step-by-step instructions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Have you rerun guided setup to select that your source is now the Dish receiver? The TiVo manual should also help in setting it up.:)

Also check this thread for hints about using the 222 with TiVo.
Jenair, were you able to successfully connect your Tivo with your Dish VIP 222 receiver? I too just switched, and was wondering the same thing.
The 222 is a cool receiver because it can drive 1 HD and 1 SD TV with different programming simultaneously. It'll also downscale the HD content to SD. Perfect, right?!

Unfortunately when set to "dual user mode", the 2nd viewing instance will only respond to the UHF remote. Thus far, I've seen no solutions for Tivo to control UHF remote-controlled set-tops.

I just got my 222 the other day. I still have to tweak my setup (ie. the timer trick to prevent the screen-saver from interfering with recordings). Unfortunately, I think you'll have to use the 222 in single-user mode in order to get successful operation with your Tivo.

The good news is this isn't really any different than the functionality on your cable-box. Also, in single user mode, you can still get the second tuner's content in a PiP or PbP window.

The bad news is: I don't think there's a way to use the 222's SD output as a dedicated tuner for Tivo at this time.
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