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Need a clean "post buy-out" TCD648250B image

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Hi folks,

Can anyone help me out with a clean "post buy-out" TCD758250B image? Would be greatly appreciated.


edited to correct the model number -- should be TCD758250B for the Premiere XL4 instead of the previously listed 658.
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Can you connect to Tivo service? Its how updates are made.
Can you connect to Tivo service? Its how updates are made.
Hi ThAbt0

Yes, it connects to the TiVo Service. However, it is stuck in a Guided Setup loop. It successfully goes through the setup up to the point where it does a long download but immediately reboots as soon as it gets to the "preparing to load" the data. What I'm seeing in other threads is that the version of software on my Premiere XL4 (20.6.1a.RC10-01-2-758 ) is too old (i.e. pre-buyout) to successfully load the new software. Note that the title of the thread is incorrect. It should be TCD758250.

TiVo support was completely useless. They stated to just leave it connected for a couple of days and it would eventually update. That makes no sense to me because I don't believe it even connects unless you are actively going through the Guided Setup. I have been through over 50 cycles of that Guided Setup with no change to the software version.

If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks so much
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