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NBC's Cutting Edge Promotion Stategy

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I downloaded last week's Saturday Night Live on DirecTV OnDemand. First it opened up with a commercial for a show called "Outsourced". It seemed very familiar and possibly funny. Then during the next commercial break they promoed another show with:

"A cross between 24 and Lost"

"The Event".

I do own a marketing business but I am not sure I am in the category of these media titans so clearly they have some kind of game plan that is streets ahead of what I am thinking. This backdoor marketing of shows they canceled last season must be a way for them to bolster their current struggling schedule.

Anyone have any insight to this keen marketing plan? I was trying to see if DirecTV had anything to do with it, but it seems like the shows are compiled by NBC with the short commercials in them, so I think this is all NBC's marketing acumen at work here.

To be fair to them, what is the point of them advertising their shows when I can just download them on iTunes for $2?

Edit: Next Commercial break was for Law and Order: Los Angeles
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They might have purchased/planned the ad-time on a volume basis and haven't hit the numbers yet. And... Because it might be next to worthless, so they don't bother to fix it.
That's funny, because both of those shows were very entertaining! (Err, I have a bunch of The Event on my currently dead [rebooting] Tivo drive that I hope to resurrect.. I think I watched MOST of Outsourced..)
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