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NBC shows chopped - logos half off screen

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Please forgive my "newbie-ness" to HD and widescreens and TiVo...

When watching shows like "The Office" or "My Name is Earl" on NBC, the edges of the shows are clearly chopped off. That is, the NBC logo in the bottom right only shows half, and the TV rating box in the upper left only shows half.

--DirecTV-TiVo (HR10-250)
--Connected via HDMI to a
--Samsung HLN5065wx widescreen TV

--The DirecTiVo is set to 1080i / panel

--The black/grey bars on the left and right are being displayed.

--The image displayed -IS- the correct aspect (no one is fat or squished.)

--Other channels -DO- display the full "widescreen" image with no distortion or chopped image. (i.e. HD sports channels, etc.)

--Rotating through all of the aspect ratio settings DOES NOT fix the problem.

Is this just NBC over DirecTV? Am I missing something?
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I'd suggest taking this to one of the DirecTiVo forums here, since this is far more likely to be a DirecTV thing than a TiVo thing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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