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My initial thought was hmmm, NBC must have lost it, but if you think of Apple using strong arm tactics like Wal-Mart does in driving down costs by controlling market share, both are to be blamed. When Wal-Mart does this they are the enemy, but Apple is the hero?!?!?

I love the itunes store, love my ipods and generally hate every movie/tv studio/RIAA/MPAA/ foolish entertainment company, but what is the true cost of a tv show? It seems like Apple and NBC exploit their talent, and that if NBC really wanted to sell successfully, they would sell their own shows as digital downloads so they could play on any portable device or computer... without DRM.. OH WAIT!!!

I think I just answered my own question. The real problem with the situation is the limitations of DRM, if studios agreed that it wasn't necessary, then they could sell at their own prices. If it was necessary, then they really should be on itunes, because their pricing is fair and hugely successful.

The solution... stop funding companies that hamstring your playback abilities. If only THAT was easy...
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