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ebonovic said:
Just digging around, tried out the National Geographic channels website.

Going through the menus you will get to a spot where you can see if you are goin to have NGC in HD or not.

Of course we know that it is not available yet on DirecTV.

But here is the graphic: (attached)

Called the phone number on there, after listening to the message (which at one point goes: You spent a LOT on the HDTV... don't you want the best proramming? )

It eventaully transfers you to DirecTV's phone system, so you can request National Geographic HD....

It thinks is one of the first times I have had a system like this actually transfer me to the people that I need to request it from (not like the CSR gave a hoot), but... thought it was intresting none the less.
If I read the graphic correctly, it tells you to go to channel 276 for the SD version of National Geographic and, if you want D* to carry the HD version, you should call them at the 800 # and suggest that they carry it.

If I read it wrong, someone please correct me!
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