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Lately, the Tivo Movie Guide has been MISSING the names of the all the main actors! It only lists the mostly unknown supporting cast, but no famous stars.

EXAMPLE #1: Today while using the Movie Guide Option "C," I clicked on "Dirty Dancing" and the TiVo Movie Guide only listed supporting actors Charles Cole and Tom Connold. NO MENTION of Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey! (VH1-E at 5:00 pm on 2/7/2020)

EXAMPLE #2: "Pretty Woman" has no mention of Julia Roberts or Richard Gere. Instead it lists the stars as Abdul El Razzac. (on VH1-E at 7:30 pm on 2/7/2020)

EXAMPLE #3: I clicked on "Beetlejuice," and no mention of any main actors such as Michael Keaton, only the bit players.

In case you are wondering, this is the path I take: On my Tivo Bolt Vox 500GB, when I am searching the Tivo Guide for movies to record, I often press "OPTIONS" (the little round "A" yellow button on the remote). Then I press "C" (the little round red button on the remote) to access "GUIDE OPTIONS." Then I select "Movies."

I realize that I could press more INFO buttons to get the names of the movie stars instead of the supporting cast, but the CAST is one of the main things I use in deciding if I want to see a movie. Does Tivo plan to correct this situation?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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