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"Name this DVR on tivo.com"

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That's what it says in my system information under "DVR Name". It's a new Tivo HD box and I gave it a name on tivo.com a couple of days ago and the box has phoned home a couple of times since then, but it still says that.

I looked in my account info and the DVR does appear there in my list with the name I gave it. How much longer should it be?

I guess it's really not a big deal unless I want to do Unbox from amazon's website, but I guess I'm just anal about these things. :)
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The TIVO rep said here (in another post), they know about this and it will be fixed in November.
ah... okay. Sorry for the dup; I searched for "name" and got no hits (which I admit seems odd).
Gene Plantz said:
The TIVO rep said here (in another post), they know about this and it will be fixed in November.
The post (I think) :)
It's weird, I got this too recently even though it's said the correct name before.
since the name has no bearing on the Tivo functioning properly, it is a minor issue fir me at least...

But, why have this ability if it does not work as stated?

Kinda in the same boat as, Tivo To Go, states in the owners manual this is a feature available with your Tivo... yeah rite
It is a big deal, when you have 7 Tivo units on your network.... Fortunately, only 1 of my S3 units is having this issue - all of the others are reflecting their proper names in the NPL / Thx for the post & information as this was really bothering me, as well, and look forward to the correction, which sounds like it might coincide with the activation of MRV/TTG on the HD units.
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