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I am having some problems getting my Tivo to connect to the Tivo service through my broadband connection. Before I moved, I had no trouble with my home network. However, when I went through the setup guide at my new apartment, it tells me that the Tivo can't connect to the internet (N13). All of my other wireless devices work fine, it is just my two Tivos. The really odd thing is that I can still transfer all of my previously recorded shows to my computer through the Tivo to Go service. Apparently, the Tivos are connected to my network, they just can't connect to the internet. Does anyone know if this is a Tivo problem or an ISP problem. To make matters worse, since I can't connect to the Tivo service, I am stuck in the Setup Guide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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