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I have been trying to burn a DVD using MyDVD. It seems to start just fine (transcoding...) at some point, however, (it has been in the middle of the night and the software doesn't show where it stopped) I get an error message with a number. The last one was -2131005890-4 . I currently have rolled back to Tivo Desktop 2.0 since I could not get MyDVD to burn at all with the current version.

For information. I have downloaded the Tivo movie normally and it plays in Windows Media 10 just fine (although with the fuzz at the top - which is a whole different question). The progrgam just upgraded to Windows Media 10 when I checked playing a movie. Will this impact recording? I have been using "Start a Project" under My DVD. I just noticed that there is a "transfer to MyDVD button on the Now Playing Screen - will it that make a difference? It's not that I am not willing to troubleshoot on my own, it's just that I am tired of trashing one disc after another (although when I put a disc that has errored out during recording in it shows nothing on it - - maybe it isn't trash...

Anyway, sorry for rambling and thanks for the help.

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