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TheNewGuy said:
i searched but i was not able to find what i need. so i apologize in advance if this has been asked an answered already. i have a tivo unit and would like to connect it to my computer so i can burn whats on my tivo to a disc, however i have no idea where to begin. i have a direcTV tivo unit and i would like to know what i need to hook up my tivo to my computer so i can burn the programs onto a dvd.
thank you
it is not the easiest way and can not be talked about on this forum but do a google search on hack directV TiVo and look for ways to enable the USB port. You can go to the underground forum here and look for zipper that will help you out halfway. The actual getting video files off the DirectTV can not be discussed here for this manner though.

The easy solution of getting a TV card in your PC to record the shows realtime from the DirectTV can be discussed here and is an easy alternative
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