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hey guys,
well i managed to screw up my tivo...i guess it was me

i had not connected to get the new guide for some time and it ran out...

ok no biggy just connect right?

well i did that but all my season passes would not show up....so i called tivo and they to do a 'clear program guide info and to do list' option

so i did that...it sat at that screen that says......'tivo is clearing program guide... etc ...it may take up to one hour'

so it sat there for about 3 hours...i unplugged it...plugged it back in and it sat there overnight.... still stuck on the same screen so i called tivo and they said my tivo it basically trash now..and i need to exchange it..

OF COURSE my warrnty is out and they said i need to buy a new one

does anyone know a fix to this? i am not scared to crack that sucker open and do what i need to..

please help if you can


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Sorry to hear about your problem amigo.

Head down below on the forum to the upgrade center, and everything you need to know will be there to replace the drive.

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