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I have a SA Tivo TCD54040. I have it set to record everything at BEST quality and I've been happy with the results.

It wasn't until recently that I began using Tivo2Go and after transferring the file to my PC, I opened up the file to chop out some commercials and I saw that the resolution of the file was 352x480.

I went back to the Tivo and made sure that I had recorded at BEST quality, which I had. So I then tried recording a few more shows at BEST and transferred them over. All of them were at 352x480.

I was under the impression that BEST was 480x480. Is there a hidden setting some place that I may have accidentally messed up?

I'm using the most recent Tivo software which I believe is 7.x

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You misunderstand the quality levels. It has nothing to do with pixel dimensions but is rather the level of MPEG2 compression applied to the signal. The actual pixel counts are the same in all cases.

I suggest taking this to the TiVoToGo section of the forum where people familiar with that feature could comment.
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