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My Tivo has started to die - help migrating to new disk

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After so many years of trouble free use my A drive has started to fail. Before the thing completely crashes and burns I'd like to buy a new hard drive to replace my A drive.

I need your help. It has been so long since I've done this I've lost track.

I currently have 2 200gb drives. Id like to copy my data over as is from the current failing A drive to a new A drive. Larger drives are cheap now so I wonder what is the largest drive I can replace the A drive with?

Secondly which bootable CD should I use to migrate the data?

The reason I think the hard drive is failing is that my cache card takes significantly longer to pass the "caching" stage and I get the following messages in the kernel log

Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: Stopping immediate on Ide
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: IDE: tivo DMA engine aborted
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hda: irq timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hda: irq timeout: error=0xd0 { BadSector UncorrectableError SectorIdNotFound }, secCnt=208, LBAsect=13684944
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hda: disabled DMA
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hda: ide-tivo re-enabled DMA
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hdb: disabled DMA
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: hdb: ide-tivo re-enabled DMA
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: cachecard: readsectors returned 0 instead of 65536!
Jul 14 01:20:59 (none) kernel: ide0: reset: success
Thank you for your help.
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Since I havn't recieved any response I will attempt to replace my 2 200gb drives with a single 500gb drive using "UPGRADE CONFIGURATION #6" from http://www.newreleasesvideo.com/hinsdale-how-to/index9.html

Now an even more important question. I manually marked the file system dirty while trying to resolve the problem. Is their anyway to put it back into a clean state?
Model of your TiVo? Size of the drives?

Your best bet to keep recordings would be to do a binary copy of the 'A' drive to a new 'A' drive using dd_rescue. Not sure if you can merge both to a single drive with a Series 1 TiVo.

As you have been away for a while check out MFSLive it has a new modified version of MFSTools I think most of the changes were for the Series2 TiVo's

Form marking the drive clean how did you mark it dirty?
PPC SVR2000 with 2 200gb drives.

A binary copy from one drive to another was my initial intention but then I stupidly used mfsassert -please to mark the file system dirty which gets mfsfix to run at boot with a GSOD.

I feel that I've fallen victim to a situation similar to this http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/printthread.php?t=69952&p=634991

MFSLIVE looks interesting.

edit: AWESOME! A quote from the MFSLive site
I was upgrading my TiVo and looked at the CVS codes and was able to come up with a stable version that has two bug fixes (alternate root/kernel size bug and Linux swap v1 signature problem).
Now the only problem is that it seems I cannot move from two drives back into one without loosing my recordings :(
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I think I may have "fixed" my problem.
I can verify that 128mb of swap is not enough for two 200gb drives

The long story short is that I made an 80mb swap file on my var partition in addition to the 127mb file on partition 8 for a total of just over 200mb of swap. This allowed the file system check to continue without crashing. I sure learned a lot in the meantime.

For some reason the version of mkswap on the MFSLive cd was unable to initialize a version 0 file. I had to use DD to copy partition 8 to a file that was truncated at 80mb. The swapon binary on my tivo cannot understand version 1 swap files that mkswap wanted to use.
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