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My S3 multi-room viewing secret

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I know this looks like a bad, late-night infomercial, but I decided to risk being out a few bucks and bought one for my Series 3. And holy $%#@^!, it works. Granted, the second TV is getting a nonHD version of the programming and you're changing the channel on both TVs ... but hey, it works... except when the microwave's in use.

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So long as you don't have a wireless network and / or a 2.4 Ghz cordless phone you're in good shape :).

I had x10 cameras watching my driveway at my old house and it drove my cordless phone nuts. It also interfeered with my 802.11b network.
It hasn't given me any problems with my network (802.11g) ... it just doesn't like the microwave.
Cool! :up:

I might end up trying something similar.
I'll just wait for the real MRV coming next month (and get true HD MRV)... (of course that only helps if you have multiple S3/THD units)
This vs a 3rd S3 / THD is what I'm considering since I have zero incentive to keep my S2s around any more.
There are also 5.8GHz types around which won't interfere or be bothered my microwave ovens. Unless, of course, you have an 811.a network. But, they cost a lot more.
I'll have to look into them.

I can choose to interfere with my 5.8 Ghz phone or my wireless network - lol.
FYI, HD versions of these devices are coming late this year into next year. New Wi-Fi standards for HiDef over wireless.. shal we call it WiFiHi? ;)

Currently in our house we have our S1 and S3 "broadcasting" within our house on channels 14 and 18. This is accomplished with a RF modulator and IR system. We can watch and control either Tivo in any room.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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