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My Premiere did something odd over the weekend.

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On Saturday night I had a bunch of people over. My son was trying to use the Tivo to watch Schoolhouse Rock on YouTube. He was yelling to me that he had sound, but no animation.

I assumed it was just a YouTube video that had a still picture with music. Then we went to live TV. He could hear the sound, but the image on the screen was the image of a Music Choice channel, which was the last thing I had on.

So, I hopped on the main menu and use the menu system to reboot the TiVo.

Starting up screen lasts for about 2 minutes. The almost there screen pops up, and sat there for almost 10 minutes before it detected my TV resolution. Then it popped into 720p widescreen and hung there for another 15 minutes. I ended up unplugging it and trying again. Same issue 2 more time. I left it sitting on the Almost There 720p screen for an hour and it never finished the boot.

So, I unplugged it and left it sitting there. 2 hours later I decided to try plugging it in and it booted up in a normal amount of time and has been working fine since then. All recorded content seems fine.

So, should I leave well enough alone, or should I be concerned my HD may be going?
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