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My Music "?"

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hello all.

brief background:
running TiVo desktop on a MAC.
sharing music and photos.
TiVo:> Series 2 DT

problem is with when playing music from iTunes playlist, greek font used for title, album, and/or artist, and will not show up on screen when song is playing.

is there an upgrade that can be applied to allow for recognition of this font so that it shows on the screen???

any help is greatly appreciated.
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How did you get it to work? My music from iTunes will not show up, just some podcasts. Tivo desktop is running, I have clicked Tivo desktop and music sharing in my sharing prferences and my music will still not show.

My photo's are working fine, it's just my music. Any idea's why?


Did you buy your music from the iTunes store? If so, it's not playable with your Tivo because of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on the songs.

The Tivo Desktop software is designed to playback MP3 files in your iTunes library. If you have used AAC to rip your CD's, then there is a workaround - check the here
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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