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My Locals in HD

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Hey All. Just got my TiVo HD on Saturday. I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but I can't find it in the FAQ. I have TWC and can get my locals over the cable in HD. However, the PSIP (that's it, right?) isn't populated or forwarded, so if I want to record anything, I have to do it manually. Should I be able to throw in a CableCard and be able to get the data on the QAM channels? Can I do this without subscribing to their digital tier? Thanks a bunch!
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CableCard provides the digital mapping information. CableCards tell the Tivo what channel is what so they can provide it with guide information. You need to use CableCards to get guide data on digital cable channels with the TivoHD.

Many cable companies receive their local channels via fiber which [often] does not include PSIP information, so that is not a reliable means of determining channel numbers.

As for what sort of subscription is required on TWC, I can't answer that.

You do always have the option of an antenna. The Tivo will integrate HD locals from an antenna (with guide information) with your cable channels into a single guide.
Thanks for the reply! I'll call TW and see what they can do.

I tried the antenna route, but I could only pull in my local ABC & CBS channels, the others are too far for an indoor antenna and I'm in no position to install an outdoor antenna (apartment living...). All the NBC & FOX affiliates are in Omaha, which is about 50 miles from me, so I may be out of luck with the indoor antenna.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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