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rickfriele said:
I have Cox Cable here in Henderson, NV and surprisingly the cable card install (2 single stream cards) went pretty smoothly. I get all the stations on both tuners.

I do have a few issues though.

In the CableCARD Decoders screen under settings my cards are listed as follows:
Configure CableCARD 1 (Single-Stream)
Configure CableCARD 2
only the first slot can do a multi stream or single stream so there would be no reason to denote it on the second slot. This is normal.

just today, I had a season pass setup for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to record only first run episodes. The same episode of The Daily Show (same time and channel) was recording on both tuners. I looked at the To Do list and I see the same episode of The Colbert Report was scheduled twice. I deleted one of them, but then the other didn't record either.
these two shows are notorious for having bad guide data so they would not be good candidates to test out season pass functionality. I have had to set these to manual recordings even on my Series 2Dt TiVo.

The pixellation is the thing to be most concerned about. see the sticky thread at the top of this forum on pixellation troubleshooting and information.
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