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rickfriele said:
No, I mean 720p fixed, 720p hybrid, etc? I have it hooked through component as my receiver doesn't have HDMI.
Depends on whether you want to use your TV or Tivo for handling the different aspect ratios / upconversions. I have a Mits CRT (WS-55813), and I use "1080i Hybrid". This mode displays the regular 4:3 analog channels as 480p (which the Mits can display natively), and moreover, allows the use of Mits aspect correction (Stretch, Stretch Plus, Standard, etc) which I find to be superior to the Tivo's limited options. This mode also displays all HD content in 1080i (which is what I want since that is the native resolution of my set, which doesn't support 720p).

For your setup:

720p fixed will display EVERYTHING in 720p, whether it's 720p native, 1080i converted to 720p, or 480i/p upconverted to 720p.

720p hybrid will display all HD content (720p, 1080i) in 720p, but will display 480x content in 480p.

I suggest you experiment with both and see which you like better (given that your set is native 720p, which is what I'm assuming).

Also, don't worry too much about HDMI/DVI vs Component. I exclusively use Component instead of HDMI/DVI because my set has been calibrated for component video. Due to the limitations of the controls available in my set, as well as the different colorspace for DVI/HDMI, component looks FAR better than HDMI/DVI (which looks "subdued" with colors "washed out" comparatively), though YMMV if your set is uncalibrated.
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