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I'm geeking out but loving my maybe simple setup but open to any area of suggestion for some minor areas I want to upgrade eventually. This isn't for everyone but if you are into other people's setups like I sometimes am, maybe this post is for you.

Living Room:
*TiVo Roamio Pro (TE3) w/ Slide Pro remote (
we light the keypad backlight, never really use the keyboard) - using Ethernet
*Apple TV 4K - Using Ethernet (Siri remote with a simple case otherwise without it the remote is just too light and silly to us)
*Samsung LED 55inch HDR 4K TV
- [HDMI1 (HDR) for Apple TV 4K]
- [HDM2 TiVO 1080i picture mode only, no Auto]
- [HDMI3 Sony Bluray (non 4K)]

There's only two remotes (Apple/TiVo) on our coffee table. But we do have a Logitech Harmony remote stored only if we ever want to use the sound system for our TiVo/Apple TV/bluray and its controls, otherwise we just stick to the standalone AppleTV or TiVo remotes. This harmony setup does work with Alexa and SmartThings which really we only use when we turn on surround and have our kitchen lights go out and living room lights dim automatically.

Master Bedroom:
*Apple TV 4K
- using ethernet
*TiVo Mini (9300) Moca to Roamio Pro w/ Slide Pro Remote (again, love the lights and heaviness of the controller)

I want to potentially upgrade still our Master bedroom's Mini 9300 to Vox mini with LUX remote.

But if we have to upgrade to TE4 to just pair a VOX mini to a Roamio Pro (even though we do not want/need voice search) then I won't as I do not want to lose pytivo/pushing to the TiVo.

I just wish we could have a single device for our Master Bedroom instead of hanging onto both a TiVo and Apple TV remote which eventually splits up in the bed/pillows somewhere lol. It's more of a convenience concern for our bedroom than it is for any other room. If it was just a TiVo remote that would be great but streaming apps on old minis or Roamio or below is an awful experience compared to a common streaming device.

I was wondering if a newer VOX mini would run popular streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, amazon) better if it could still run TE3. I would consider TiVo Stream 4K if it actually talked to our TiVo DVRs for live tv & recordings. Maybe the solution here is a better universal remote for the bedroom, but the TiVo peanut is a favorite here in the house.

Theater Room:
*1080P Full HD LED Projector
*Apple TV
- using ethernet
*TiVo Premiere XL (HD menus) using data/moca connection from Roamio Pro
- using TiVo Premiere Glo remote
*Panasonic HDR / Dolby Vision Ready UltraHD Blu-ray player (for whenever we upgrade our projector to HDR/4K) - no network connection ever, no streaming apps or other nonsense, just designed to be a DVD/Ultra Blu-ray player.
*VCR using RCA to HDMI adapter to the sound system (usually kept in Pro Logic II movie mode)

LivingRoom & Theater sound systems all use HDMI 5.1 passthrough for any input. I ditched the optical connections awhile ago and haven't had any issues with HDMI audio for everything. Harmony remote for the sound system as well to easily fine tune sound settings for AV receiver or picture settings on the projector. SmartThings/LIFX lights auto dim/blue when Projector turns on and auto-bright when Project/AV system is turned off.

Most our movie entertainment is either streamed (AppleTV), bluray disc, or downloaded material from existing hard drives that I usually use pytivo to send to our Theater or Living Room instead of Plex in the past. I think the TiVo DVR fast forwarding/navigation in general is still just much more smooth experience than using something like Plex. But again, depends on your library and what you want to keep saved to a TiVo's disk drive.

Guest Room:
TiVo Mini 9300 using PoE adapter, w/ standard Roamio remote.

Kids rooms:
FireTV-built in televisions.
-Kids just don't care about Cable TV ever at all. Everything is Hulu, YouTube, and Disney+ for them.

I also want to upgrade our HDR living room TV since it came out probably around the same time HDR first came out, since only one HDMI input actually supports HDR. We also want to eventually upgrade our LED projector to support HDR/4K but they are still very pricey compared to our "full 1080p HD" projector. My list of Ultra Bluray discs are starting to grow and right now we can only watch those if we put an ultra bluray player in our living room's HDMI 1 port or get an HDMI switch than does HDR for both Ultra Bluray and Apple TV 4K.

I still have no interest in Edge or Bolt devices after trying them both briefly. Part of it is while I can get used to TE4 interface as I do enjoy it, I do still depend on full pytivo functionality for our house. For me, the Roamio Pro I think is the perfect TiVo for doing everything we need as a DVR and a device that can handle custom uploads (pytivo) whether movie/films downloaded/ripped from the past or our own home videos pushed to it.

I don't ever download HDR/blurays off the internet to worry about HDR w/ TiVo. When I get excited for an UltraHD movie, it usually is a hard copy bluray disc. Roamio Pro is also a great Moca host for the two minis and for the other Premiere when it needs network access. I think our Roamio "freezes" maybe twice a year since 2016.

I thought about TiVo Stream 4K for some of our rooms, but if it doesn't talk to a TiVo DVR for recordings/live tv, then I do not see a big reason switching to Stream 4K from our current Apple TV exxpierecnce. I could be mistaken though.

/geeking out
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