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My DTivos are now freezing up multiple times per day! It's almost to the point where they are unusable. I have stock Hughes 80GB and 120GB units. I called DirecTV again last night, and the guy was basically saying that if it wasn't currently locked up, there was nothing he could do.

I told him that I wanted it noted somewhere where if multiple people called with the problem, they would know! He wrote up what he said was an escalation ticket.

So, I guess now I'm wondering what I can do? I'm not handy with PCs so me replacing the drive myself moving back to a prior version won't work for me. I looked at Weaknees and their lowest price upgrade drive is $130. Does anyone know what version of software they come with? I shouldn't have to pay this money since it seems to be caused by something DTV did. I wonder if Weaknees has had a sales spike?

I don't want an R15, I can't get used to the interface on our HR20 in the basement, and my family would kill me if I took the Tivos away!

I wish I knew whether D* was working on a fix, I don't want to wait for nothing. Anybody got any other ideas?

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To watch your already recorded programs without being
interrupted by reboots try powering down, unplugging
the coax cables leading to the dish and powering
back up. You can then use the DirecTiVo button
to access your Now Playing list and watch recordings
(bypassing the guide data download which won't work).
This worked for me but YMMV.
People here that have restored stability to their
DirecTiVos have downgraded the software to version
6.2a by imaging a new drive or getting a new drive
from a 3rd party vendor (like WeaKnees).
I was able to restore stability (or so I believe)
by connecting to the DVR Service via the phone
connection while my coax cables to the dish were
disconnected. My system was rebooting every 10
minutes until I did this then it was stable all
weekend. However, with the new TV season starting
I wasn't going to trust 6.3e so I setup a new
500GB drive with 6.2a.
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