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MickeS said:
bkdtv, thanks for your input.

I just checked 4 OTA recordings of "The Tonight Show" from the NBC affiliate in Tucson, AZ. They range in size from 7.90 to 7.94 GB. That would give a bitrate of roughly 17.44 Mbps (they are 62 minutes long).

I will record "The Tonight Show" tonight off of TWC here in San Antonio. Even though they are from different broadcast markets, I assume that the OTA/cable comparison should still be valid?
If you are comparing the bitrates between Tucson and San Antonio, it wouldn't tell you who is compressing the signal. Tucson may be broadcasting OTA at 17.44Mbps but that doesn't mean San Antoinio is doing the same. If your bitrate in San Antonio is low, it could be either the affiliate or TWC. You'd have to check their OTA bitrate.
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