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I've typed up my saga in a blog post, and it's long so I'm not going to reproduce it here in it's entirety, but here it is: http://www.bitemyshiny.com/archives/11

A month ago I ordered 2 cable cards for my TivoHD from Bright House Networks in Birmingham, AL. They sent a subcontractor who said he can't install cable cards, but they sent him anyway. So, he leaves a SciAtl box that he thought would be just as good, but I didn't let him install it.

A week later the tech for the rescheduled appointment never shows. He says he tried to call, but never left a VM and my phone never rang.

Another week and I finally get a tech out and he's installing the cards. They don't work, and it turns out BHN had screwed up the cards with a software update. They fixed the cards out in the wild, but the cards in the warehouse didn't get updated. The tech told me to call back in a week or so to reschedule and they should be OK. (putting it on me to find out when they were fixed, no offer for them to call me)

So I reschedule. Two weeks later (today) they send an installer out...AND IT WAS ANOTHER SUBCONTRACTOR WITHOUT ANY CABLE CARDS

I have never been able to contact the installation manager, I always have to pass messages through the CSRs. I dont know if the guy is incompetent, stupid, overworked, or just doesn't care. I really want to give Bright House my money, but I don't think they understand that if I can't have CableCards, I just won't have any BHN service. I'm not going to take their crappy DVR, I'm just going to totally drop service.

So, my remedy is to blast this warning out over the internet, I've submitted this to Consumerist, posted on my blog, and I'm sending a letter to BHN HQ, my local AG, public service commission, the BBB, the FCC, and my local franchising authority.

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Call Tivo, an do a three way conversation with BH... after you explain BH's BS...

Thats how I ended up getting my cable cards, that BH had said they do not stock...

Here in my city BH claims they only use Single Stream cards too

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This sounds familiar to what goes on in my area with BH.

I gave up mentioning the word "Tivo" in any conversation, and just told each CSR that I have two televisions, and I need two cable cards. Otherwise, I had to go through a ten minute explanation with every single new CSR about how they really do support Tivo and I just need darn cards.

Once I said I have two televisions, it was like everything was rosy...except they still did some of the things you mention.

Let us know if you get any solutions. I felt the exact same way..."I guess the cable company really DOESNT want my money!!"
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