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I have a TiVo Premier connected to my home network. I'm running Windows 10 Pro on an almost new computer (10 months old). I'm using TiVo Desktop Plus. Everything works fine except one thing. When I try to access my music on my PC I can get to the Music folder and even to the specific song, but when I click Play I get the error listed at the bottom. I've tried the following:
1. Changed TiVo Desktop Discovery Protocol from Bonjour to TiVo Beacon (Didn't Help)
2. Changed the Network Address in TiVo Desktop to the other two options (Didn't Help)
3. Obviously restarted the TiVo Box

Nothing will let me play the songs (which are MP-3 files)
A problem occurred while accessing the server. This may
be a temporary problem due to a network interruption or
the server is being busy. If the problem persists check your
network connections and verify that the Tivo Server
application is running on your computer.

Can anyone help?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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