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I currently have the phase-III dish with the 4 outputs directly feeding two standard (1-input) receivers and a SAT-60 Dtivo (using 2 feeds). I'm going to add the HR-10 250 - so I need two more outputs for a total of six. I know using a cascadable 4x8 multiswitch will work.

My question - can I use two of the four outputs to feed a 2x4 multiswitch (it's one that I have from an install at my old house)? I would use the four outputs from the 2x4 to feed the standard receivers and the SAT-60. I would use the two "direct" outputs from the dish for the HR-10 250? The HR-10 would be fed by the built in multiswitch that should allow it to see the 101 and 119 sats?

I do not have the HR-10 yet; however, I tested the other receivers with the described setup...all appeared OK - I believe because my four current receivers only "look" at the 101 sat? I flipped though all of the channels (100's, 200's, 500's, locals) and no problems on either receiver. Only issue was when I tuned the SAT-60 to channel 492/493 (test channel for 119 sat) I would loose the signal on the other receivers...once I changed back to another channel all would be okay.

Call me cheap...it's probably not "worth" all of this to save $100+/- on a 4x8 multiswitch! I know the D* install would include the 4x8. I'd rather install myself and pick up the HR-10 at Circuit City. I'm trying to use the fact that no install is needed as leverage for more credits on the HR-10 "deal"...so far they've "given" me a free install, several programming credits and the $200 instant rebate - but charging $50 for their OTA.

BTW, I will not need to diplex my OTA signal...I have 3 coax to all my tv locations from my central distribution point. Also, have plenty of coax runs (and conduit) from the 3rd floor and attic to the basement. I plan on putting the OTA in the attic.

Sorry for the long post...Thanks in advance!
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