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Multi switch question

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I'm thinking about getting another DTivo, and want to put another one in my livingroom. Can I get a multiswitch and use it in the living room, putting the two inputs coming from the wall into it and then splitting it out to the two tivos?
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(That is probably a question better asked in the 'DirecTV Receiver with TiVo' forum here, since that is where the satellite users tend to be.)

However, the basic answer is that putting a 2 input multiswitch in the living room only works if you are using a single round dish and getting all your channels from the main DirecTV 101 Satellite. If you are using an oval multi-satellite dish you can't get all your channels from only two inputs to a multiswitch, it would take 4-6 inputs (depending on exactly which satellites you need to receive)
If you only want to use your DTiVo for the 101 sat then it will work. When I had DirecTV I took the 4 outputs from the oval Dish switch and went to a Terk 8 output switch. I used two of those outpust to go to a spaun 2x6 switch and used those outputs for my DTiVos since I only used the DTiVos for the 101 Sat. My HDTiVos were connected to the Terk switch and had no problem seeing all 3 Sats. And the DTiVos had no probllem on the Spaun switch with programming from th 101 sat.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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