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I activated the Fall 2007 Guru Guide, which turned out to be a kind of WishList with auto-record enabled. For a few weeks I found this somewhat useful for picking up pilot episodes of new shows and season premiere episodes of returning shows. This is how I picked up "Life" which turns out to be (IMO) one of the best new shows. I would have skipped it if it hadn't been recorded by the guru guide.

Then a few days ago my To-Do List filled up with dozens of crap shows from marginal networks including MTV, VH1, E, and others I refuse to watch. Girlfriends? Tila Tequila? OMG... unreal reality shows and brain-dead sitcoms.

Why? Faulty guide data caused TiVo to think these were all first-run showings of separate episodes.

In software engineering we have a saying: Garbage in, garbage out.

Bye-bye season guru guide... I'll miss you, but you're worse than useless.

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