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MRV Blocked by TiVo

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So I recently moved and my TiVos were in storage for 6 months. I finally have them networked (wired) and the first time I went to transfer a program between TiVos the NPL pretty had every show unable to transfer with the red "no" logo. What happened in the last 6 months? IS there any way around this? It has practically made the MRV features useless.

I'm using a Series 3 and a TivoHD.
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By the way, this is on Time Warner Cable with a tuning adapter. I previously had Fios. I miss my Fios.
FiOS generally doesn't block transfers.
TimeWarner generally does.

TW is likely the problem.
TiVo is probably just respecting the no copy flag that TW is putting on everything.
So TWC is blocking the transfer. How inconvenient. I guess there is no way around that.
Premiere units have a new streaming ability specifically to get around this limitation.

For the sake of clarity, are you looking at cable and premium channel shows, or network television shows? Cable cos cannot put the flags on network channels, as I understand it, so that might be a clue as to the source of your woes... I used to have TWC in NC (with the tuning adapter and all) until about a year and a half ago, and I rarely had blocked programming when I went to transfer. I recorded mostly network, but some cable shows as well (south park, star wars: clone wars and robot chicken, among cable channel shows), and never had an issue. Never had premiums, but those would normally be flagged, I'd think.
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