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mpg video transfer from PC to TiVo not working

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I recently installed TiVo Desktop 2.5 and tried to transfer some .mpg files (mpeg 2 I assume based on the extention) that I'd taken with my digital camera, to my TiVo. I put them into "My TiVo Recordings" folder on my computer and could see them in my computer folder in the now playing list on TiVo, but when I click on them to transfer them to TiVo to play them I get a message that it failed and to look at the ToDo list to find out why. There I see this message:

"The program was not transferred onto this DVR because it was not found on the [computer name]."

The actual files, not shortcuts are in the My Tivo Recordings folder on my computer, and I understand that the .mpg (mpeg 2 files) should work without buying the upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus.

Does anyone know what's wrong?

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Even though they are mpg files, they must not have the exact characteristics that the tivo wants. You could modify them to make them work (eg run them though 2 different programs, like pocketdivx then videora).
I wonder if I bought TiVo Desktop Plus if I'd still have to do this to mpeg 2 files, and also to .mov and other files.
TiVo Desktop Plus should take care of that for you.

If you didn't want to buy that, though, you could check out some free alternatives first like pyTiVo or TiVo.Net which convert a wide variety of video formats on-the-fly as they are being sent back to the TiVo. So it's a one step process instead of multiple (i.e., convert in Videora or some other tool, then transfer to the TiVo through TiVo Desktop).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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