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dpickup said:
may be moving to Germany for 6 months (due to work) and the thought of leaving my Tivo behind is bringing me out in cold sweats ! Does anyone know if it will work, what won't work, how I do it etc etc etc etc ?????
No worries. Same voltage. You have the choice of getting your daily call by telephone (by dialling a UUNET local number, which is cheap), or you can let it call the UK. Either works fine. If you get your data via network currently then it'll just keep working without change.

Your only option for receiving any kind of signal here (there ;) ) is Sky. You can buy a second hand box on ebay pretty cheaply and get a freesat card for the main channels. Dish size required will vary. As a rough guide, Hamburg would be about a 60cm, Frankfurt 80-90cm and as far down as Munich a 100-120cm. I have an oval 100cm wide 1.2m high dish down near Munich and only lose my signal for about 10 minutes during the heavy summer thunderstorms.

Here's a forum for expats living in Germany: http://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/ you'll find FAQ topics about moving there, registering yourself, getting broadband, telephone service and setting up satellite.
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