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Hi all.

I am changing ISP and so whereas I once had a static IP address I will now have a dynamic IP address.

I am running a TiVo which downloads EPG data over broadband and also runs TiVo Web, however, it was a long time ago that I installed them and I have forgotten the technical gubbins which I went through at the time. My question is whether either the programme download or the TiVo Web is going to experience difficulties given a changed IP address?

The TiVo Web is firewalled and so not publicly accessible.

Thanks for advice.

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If you're not wanting to access the TiVo from outside your network then your internet IP address doesn't matter.

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If you do want external access it can be done for free using DynDNS and a script running on your Tivo (i.e. without your router directly supporting DynDNS).
Needs a few utilities but all the leg work has been done.

Details at the other place /forum/showthread.php?t=51840
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