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Hey guys,

previously I have been able to transfer a recording to my computer via TIVO Desktop 2.0 and use Etivo to turn it into a raw mpeg. I then used nero vision express to convert and burn it.

However, I recently upgraded to 2.2 (and have since reverted to 2.0) and my attempts to convert and burn them (in there mpeg form) have all met with failure. I lost three discs trying to burn one movie with nero experess claiming errors. ANother it would freeze at the same point in the movie whether buring it to a disc or just as a writing its as file to the HD first. I was wondering is it possible there was something in 2.2 that will now prevent me from burning those files (even though I could convert them). I reverted back to 2.0 and tried and it still stopped at the same point (elasped clock still working and such). All the files converted from tivo to mpeg perfectly fine

Is it possible to find somewhere to over come this problem as I really want to burn this Vincent Price Marathon they had on TCM and only two of the films still exist on tivo the rest are simply raw converted mpegs on my comp (such as sending back to the tivo unit and then resending them to my comp)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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