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Fox co-owns the NatGeo channel. Not sure what's happening with NBC, but sometimes an unpaired Verizon card causes signal issues.

Verizon Fios copy-flagging Fox channels

You can test whether your cards are paired correctly by going to channel 131 on each of the Tivos. If you get a cablecard screen, the cards aren't paired.

The normal (automated) methods of pairing the cards doesn't work reliably, so you should request a manual validation.

Phone support is crappy with this. I always contact @VerizonSupport on twitter for cablecard issues. They're superheroes compared to phone support. Give them the serial number, CC ID, Host ID, and Data ID (all 4 are on the cablecard screen) and ask for a manual validation.
I have to second @VerizonSupport on Twitter. When I swapped my Premiere for a Roamio, I thought I could just call and get the card paired to the new TiVo. After getting a replacement card and dropped channels later, they scheduled a technician. I saw the posts on here about contacting them through Twitter and figured it couldn't hurt at this point. Not only did they fix the problem, I found out just how badly things had gotten screwed up over the phone.
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