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We have a tech coming out to look at this problem. We have three of the original Motorola M cards. Two weeks ago the card in our Roamio stopped working on Fox, National Geographic, and NBC keeps going in and out. Our Tivo-HD box seemed unaffected. Verizon sent us a new cable card for the Roamio. I was on the phone for close to two hours with a technician trying to get it fixed. The Tech asked us to check the Tivo-HD box, even though before it seemed fine. This time it was experiencing the same problem.

A technician is coming to our house on Wednesday to replace all of our cable cards. A Verizon supervisor called us and said that she had heard Fox is a problem for recording shows but not playing them. Looking at the forum it seems to be a problem with the copy flag, that people are explaining. However since National Geographic and NBC are also affected I'm no longer sure what is the issue.

Anyone else having similar problems. I live in the DC area and get Verizon Fios.
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