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I'm hoping the Morgan Webb fans out there come out in support of this..

For those of you who don't know her, she's been a TV personality on shows from TechTV like "ScreenSavers" and "Call for Help", and now co-hosts "X-Play" on G4.

And of course, she's always mentioned in the "Best Eye Candy on TV" type threads that pop up here on TCF (Her feature in Maxim probably helped with that)

Well she just recently showed up on a TiVoCast for me, she did a guest spot on DL.tv through which I found out that back in August she started up WebbAlert.com a "daily videocast, covering the day's developments in tech news, video gaming, gadgetry, and digital culture. It's engineered to keep tech-interested people current on the news and trends that move the industry with a small investment of just a few minutes per day."

So, the folks at webbalert.com tell me that they are currently lobbying TiVo for inclusion and would love support being raised ..

So don't let me down folks.. How 'bout a few +1's


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Since I've recommended this one in the past, I'll throw my support in again!

I'd also like to see:

- The 1Up Show <- very high quality video game video podcast
- Diggnation <- lots of laughs
- GeekBrief (it had been announced that this was coming to TiVo but I haven't seen it yet).
- X-Play's Daily Video Podcast (Morgan (and Adam's) other video podcast.


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TiVoStephen said:
Thanks for the heads-up! I'll see what we can do.
So what would the holdup be?? If Morgan Webb wants to be included in TiVocast does TiVo need to see a lot of interest in the show before TiVo will cut them a deal they can afford??

This is exactly the type of TiVocast that most likely gets watched consistently by those that pull it down
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