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topic #151371 "Dish 322 any way to fix 'press select to continue'"

The problem with the Dish Network 322/522 receivers is that after 6 hours of non-use or after the daily program guide update... the receiver goes into a standby mode. The only way to get out of this mode is to press "Select" on the remote. Pressing a channel does not work.

The TiVO's Dish 322/522 IR routines do not support the "Select" button, so cannot get the receiver out of standby after it enters that mode.

I see an easy solution. For the Dish 322/522 receivers, simply add the "Select" IR code before every channel change. "Select" only brings up channel identification when not in standby... so is safe to do at any time.

I think improving support of these Dish network receivers will make a lot of customers happy! A simple search of Dish 322 will show how many customers are frustrated with this problem.

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