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Closed Captioning is part of the broadcast signal, same as alternate audio, frame synchronization, and other data.
If you frag with your TV settings enough, you can SEE the closed captioning as part of the "fuzz" above/below the picture.
There is absolutely no reason why it would show up late in recordings, since it is just another part of the recorded picture.
The TIVO has NO closed captioning function. It passes the CC fuzz, as part of the picture signal, to the TV that decodes it and displays it. That said, there is absolutley no way the TIVO should be able to delay or speed up the CC data, because it is PART OF THE PICTURE.

You can see the engineering quandry. This would be like half the picture showing up late. It simply cannot happen. (but it does appear to happen) The TV does all the CC decoding and display.

Since the closed captioning is a function of the television set, sometimes the chip in the TV that translates picture to text gets "busy" or "confused" This is also why when you first turn on a TV, it can take anywhere from a second to several minutes before the closed captioning even shows up! (often dependant on the amount of resources the TV manufacturer alloted to the decoding process) When you start a program up in the middle of a closed caption without turning the TV from off to on, you may be confusing Mr. TV set.

Try power-cycling your TV when the show is in the first minute. That will probably "catch up" the CC to real time. Power off, Power on....problem solved?

Anyone willing to post the TV model and Mfr. That is having the problem?

(oh, no! it can't possibly be the TV...that would be more expensive to replace, so it can't possibly be so!)

for more info on this, visit
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