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RainyCity4 said:

Thanks for clarifying this because last year, all TV shows by FOX were basically unwatchable (CC were mangled or extremely late) and all other channels were OK. I finally gave up and complained to FOX and their VP of Tech/programming or something found out that West Coast transmitter had new hardware and it had a glitch. They fixed the issue and everything were fine after that. Ironically, this problem is IDENTICAL to what we are experiencing right now. So, I was thinking, maybe it WAS same problem, just that now DirecTV is using same equipment. But I guess not because Live shows are OK, just when it is recorded. The FOX issue was on both non-DVR and DVR (that's how I identified it as a FOX problem).

The irony is that when I complained, FOX followed up quickly and sent me Email updates EVERY WEEK. They would keep me appraised what was going on. DirecTV? NOTHING in two weeks! They had the nerve to tell me to "call back in a month and remind them about the problem". SHEESH.

Just curious - Have you tried saving a recorded episode to your VCR or DVD Recorder to see if it shows the problem there? If it does, maybe you could send that tape or DVD to DirecTV.
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