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Mobile Home Disaster w/ Bill Engvall on CMT (spoilers)

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Did anyone here watch Mobile Home Disaster w/ Bill Engvall on CMT?

I like the idea of a mobile home makeover show. I don't think I've ever seen a mobile home on House Hunters...or any show on HGTV for that matter.

When I saw the home that Mobile Home Disaster was going to repair, I was wondering how they were going to fix a home that needed more costly repairs than it was probably worth in value.

I was disappointed to see them replace the entire unit, because most viewers in the same situation can't follow suit. On the other hand, I was delighted to see that family receive a new, nicer, larger home.

My main complaint regarding this show was that it seemed rather insulting to the recipient family. If the family makes self-depreciating remarks about their "*******" lifestyle, thats one thing. But since we know that Bill Engvall isn't involved in "linear living", it really didn't work when he made seemingly insulting comments regarding their lifestyle. I guess if he made the comments in the first person, they might be funny or at least appreciated...but not when referring to others.

BTW, three of my best friends currently live in mobile homes, and I lived in two mobile homes during my college days. I was quite comfortable in it. The main issues were during storms/tornado warnings and when my roommate's cat breathed her last breaths in the home's insulation under the mobile home...in a southern summer. Other than that, it was fine.

What were your thoughts regarding this series?

Here is the program's website:


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DianaMo said:
What were your thoughts regarding this series?
A funny as heck home makeover parody show that makes fun of the classic ******* stereotype.

Bill and the gang get to have some fun, we get to laugh and the ******** get a new home. What's the harm?

Or has the "pc" craze caught up to one of the only stereotypes we have left to poke fun at anymore?;)

Making fun? Ridiculing? Naaa... Timmy Rules!!!
I thought at first that this program might be nice, and the family certainly needed help. However, after watching it though I became concerned for the family. Their expensively decorated new home was broadcast on national television, making it an excellent target for theives. Not to mention the fact that they probably cannot afford the taxes on the new made-over property, and given how out of keeping the new home is with the mobile home community in which it sits they will have a difficult time selling the home. I think these extreme home make-overs should only update the home in keeping with the neighborhoods. And I certainly hope the taxman doesn't come calling on this poor family any time soon.

I don't know how taxes are done on mobile homes, but I understand that in Illinois anyway, it is different than on regular homes. I would imagine that the tax issue is far less of an issue than the HGTV home givaway.

I think they're far better off with the home improvements.

Mobile homes are generally not considered to be real estate. Therefore, they are not subject to property taxes in Illinois. The Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act (Act) is a state law that imposes a tax, called a "privilege tax," on mobile homes.

just started watching..this cappy guy is funny but stupid...
ok last ep they dug into a water line..dont they have to get permits for all their repair work..i'm sure the park was pissed that they lost their water pressure
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