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What mobile device do you use for your TTG?i

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I have TTG 2.4 and 2.5 along with Roxio Media Center 9, so that I burn TiVo programs to DVD, no problems there.

What I am wondering is who out there is taking their TiVo programs on some sort of mobile player? I have tried 2 so far, the BestBuy proprietary unit (Insignia and complete junk) and most recently the SanDisk Sansa e280 (8GB) unit. while the Sansa itself is not a bad unit, the issue that I am having with it is that some of the TiVo programs (after they have been converted to WMV format with RMC 9) don't convert to the Sansa format, or they are chopped and in some cases the audio doesn't line back up with the video after fast forwarding through the commercials.

Now, perhaps I am asking too much from these types of units, but I am not sure. One issue may be that the Sansa and the BestBuy units were flash memory and that may be the source of the synch issues. In addition, the audio may just need to "catch up" to the video.

I am looking for a new starting place to evaluate units and hour long (or longer) programming (with or without commercials) is the key use of this unit for my wife and I. Music and pictures will be secondary

Any help will be appreciated.


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