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Missing some cable channels

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I'm using my 540 series 2 140 hr Tivo as the cable tuner. When I originally setup the Tivo I made a mistake and chose basic cable instead of extended basic. The channel lineup was changed to extended after setup completed. Tivo will not switch to channels above #48 directly from using the S-Video or RCA Video input. I get the blue screen of no signal every time I try. Tivo support 2nd tier Justin said it must be a signal issue with the cable. One RCA 25db amplifier later and the problem is still present. What I find interesting is is the original basic cable setup only went to channel 47. I feel there is something internal to the Tivo's programming that is not allowing the tuner to switch directly to channels 48 and above. This is happening with the latest release of 7.1b. Channels 48 and above will come in fine if I first turn to any channel 47 and below. I missed the recording of a number of shows as the Tivo used the satellite feed to record a few shows and then could not record my shows on channels 48 and above.


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I would go through and rerun guided setup and reselect your cable lineup. TiVo internal tuners can receive all cable channels up to 99.
After going through Tivo support they concluded that a new unit was needed. I received a brand new 140 unit and hooked it up. I was happy with the first few tests proving it worked changing channels from Sat to a channels above analog cable 46. As I got into further testing the unit started the same bad behavior as the previous unit. This it not a signal quality issue as I have removed all splitters and have a 15db Electroline drop amp increasing signal strength from the cable input in the garage. Interesting behavior I have seen that does not make sense.

Using remote channel down the Tivo changes channels from sat channel 101 to analog channel 82 (golf channel on analog) I get blue screen. Channel back up to 101 no problem, channel back down to 82 and the channel shows up no blue screen.

If I now change from sat to 54 (analog) the channel shows up sometimes! Sitting here testing shows it makes no rhyme or reason.

This is a most frustrating problem.

TiVo doesn't "blue screen" - it displays a message saying it can't display live TV along with suggestions of what to do. If you're getting a simple blue screen then it's coming from something else like a TV or VCR.
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