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Missing four channels

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I am having a tech out again on Fri to see why I cant get four channels on my TivoHD. They took down both cable cards and then readded them to the account and rebuilt them but still missing the same four channels on both tuners. The Comcast DVR that sits right next to my TivoHD receives the channels. The tech didn't have any cable cards with him so we couldn't try replacing them. However, the problem is on both turners so I cant see both cable cards being defective or both tuners being defective. has to be in the programing.
To make matters worse when they removed the cable cards from the account and then replaced and rebuilt, Comcast treated it like I had cancelled the cards and then re asked for them. They tried to bill me $38 more for partial monthly usage. They did fix that problem. I guess the same thing is going to happen when they are here again on Fri.
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