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Miro + PyTivo = Tivo Video Subscriptions !

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I just installed Miro today (previously called "Democracy Player")

What a great match with PyTivo !

- Miro lets you subscribe to video podcasts (such as diggnation) or download individual videos. It's also a front end for searching & downloading from video sites such as Youtube. Then there's the currently advertised 1611 video channels you can subscribe to!
- PyTivo shares the specified Miro download directory on your PC to your Tivo. It autoconverts the various video formats to MPEG2 for your Tivo to retrieve.

Miro appears to be alot like iTunes in it's ease of use, and autodownload features.
Just started playing with this, but so far it looks fantastic.

PS. It's all Free.
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One of the reasons I like using iTunes with my pyTiVo is because it doesn't mess up the file name. When I'm at my TiVo, I know exactly what I'm going to be watching (eg "DL.TV July 19 Episode xxx").

Many other programs rename the file because they expect we would only be watching them within their player.

How does Miro handle files?
Fear not. It appears to save each file with the original naming convention. Also each feed goes in it's own folder, which is nice.
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