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When using the TiVo Desktop server, I have the little TiVo icon in my system tray (next to the clock on the taskbar.) That's fine, the problem is that it doesn't have a title, i.e. you can't hover over it and see what it is. So what? Well, the problem then is that if you right click on the clock and select Customize Notifications, if you set the TiVo icon to Always Hide it will always come back when you restart your computer. The whole purpose of this feature was so that people didn't have to have six trillion little icons in their taskbar that take up space and serve no useful purpose. You can hide them if you want and use the little left arrow to get to them if you actually need to once in a while.

Ultimately it's not a critical issue, just an annoyance, but it's an annoyance that would take five minutes of coding time to fix. A polish issue, as we programmers call it.

Thus concludes my ranting for the day. I'm using TiVo Desktop 2.2 on Windows XP, if it matters.
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